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Where Are We Coming From?

Even before the inception of the BUICK DRIVING ENTHUSIASTS in July of 1995, several members of the BCA had the feeling that there had to be more to the Buick Club than merely having your car judged. "Buicks Are Meant to be Driven" - so why not promote driving and having fun, too? Their dream came together at Hot Springs Heyday, the 1st Annual BDE National Driving Tour in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The BDE is in belief of the following philosophies: 1) Promotion and driving of all models of Buicks produced by the Buick Motor Division, 2) Encouraging the maintenance, preservation and restoration of all models of Buicks produced by the Buick Motor Division, and 3) Providing the exchange of technical, historical and other information about Buick automobiles for all members and other interested persons. Twenty BCA'ers in sympathy with these philosophies petitioned the National Board and the BDE was the first organization to be granted Division status by the Buick Club of America. In one and a half years, the BDE has grown to 96 member families.

During its brief existence, the BDE has already established a reputation for fun and friendship. It's tours feature areas of scenic beauty and historical significance. Their priority is to see America in your Buick while enjoying the fellowship of your fellow Buick Enthusiasts.

"The Hilly, Curvy, Twisty, Winding" mountain tours were established at Hot Springs Heyday in 1995. Two tours, one 150 miles and the other 25 miles, wound their way through the hills and valleys of this beautiful Arkansas locale. The choice of the historic 1880's Majestic Resort-Spa as the host hotel provided another standard for the BDE. With Black Mountain Mania, in North Carolina in 1996, these traditions were continued. A 1919 family-owned inn, the Monte Vista, served as the host hotel. Three "Hilly, Curvy, Twisty, Winding" mountain tours were offered, including one to the fabulous Biltmore Estate in nearby Asheville.

"There's only one problem with these BDE Tours... they just don't last long enough!"

Len Csupak, BDE#65



 Sr. Co-Director - Frank Cwikla, BDE #302 email

Mid Co-Director - Rich Gibbs, BDE #144 email

Jr. Co-Director - Charles Steffy, BDE #374 email

Treasurer - Shar Kile, BDE #11 email

Secretary - Connie Brumbaugh, BDE #143 email

Editor - Paula Liska, BDE #2 email

Membership Chairperson - Isabel Lenny, BDE #222 email

Historian - Joyce Lukemeyer, BDE # 409 email

Chaplain - Guy Greene, BDE #386

Co-chaplain - Darrell Brumbaugh, BDE #143 email

Webmaster - Roberta Vasilow, BDE #17 email




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