Monday, June 18th through Thursday, June 21st
The host hotel is the
DeSoto House Hotel
230 South Main St. 
Galena, IL 61036

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Mvc-001f.jpg (101661 bytes) Entrance to DeSoto House

mvc-011b.jpg (127808 bytes) DeSoto House Hotel


Mvc-007f.jpg (131425 bytes)Group at breakfast in DeSoto House Courtyard

Mvc-010f.jpg (130008 bytes)Drivers Meeting at the Old Railroad Depot

Mvc-009f.jpg (128971 bytes)Mvc-011f.jpg (129093 bytes) Drivers' Meeting 

Mvc-003f.jpg (128549 bytes) Darrell and Joe scope out the Mighty Mississippi

Mvc-012f.jpg (128571 bytes) Mississippi River from Julien Dubuque Monument - high on a bluff above the river

Mvc-005f.jpg (128910 bytes) Joe Taubitz, Pam Bonk & Charles Greenley aboard the Spirit of Dubuque

Mvc-008f.jpg (126746 bytes) Bob & Charles contemplate the river

MVC-011a.JPG (131596 bytes) Group touring the William H. Black Dredgeboat

MVC-003a.JPG (130121 bytes)Bob Montgomery is interviewed by the local television station

Mvc-006f.jpg (130931 bytes) Bob Montgomery presents the Good Ol' Joe award to John Koutre

MVC-007a.JPG (127275 bytes)MVC-008a.JPG (110381 bytes)MVC-009a.JPG (128503 bytes) Buicks parked on Main Street


mvc-001a.jpg (131065 bytes) BDE Buicks arrive at the Field of Dreams Movie Site

mvc-001b.jpg (129513 bytes)BDE Buicks at the Field of Dreams Movie Site

mvc-005b.jpg (130209 bytes)Jim Schafer's '53 Skylark & John William's '47 Super

mvc-006a.jpg (129012 bytes) Jim Brayton's '40 Special Sport Phaeton

mvc-008b.jpg (62615 bytes) Bruce Kile, Jim Schaffer and Dick Packer living the "dream"

MVC-010a.JPG (129156 bytes) Bobbie Cutter takes a turn at bat

mvc-004a.jpg (56130 bytes)  Del Cutter expresses his excitement about being elected Junior Director

mvc-005a.jpg (128560 bytes) BDE'ers at the Field of Dreams Movie Site

mvc-007b.jpg (126790 bytes) Lunch at Breitbach's Country Dining

mvc-001c.jpg (91184 bytes)Bill Griffin and Charles Greenley board the Galena Trolley

mvc-004b.jpg (127557 bytes) Group at Ulysses S. Grant's Home

mvc-012a.jpg (132712 bytes) Marci & Darrell at Attitude Adjustment Hour before the Banquet


 Big wheel keeps on turning, rollin', rollin' rollin' down the river(Click here for video!)

Old Buick Dealership somewhere on the way back to Michigan,

mvc-006b.jpg (129095 bytes) MVC-005c.JPG (74333 bytes) MVC-007c.JPG (87933 bytes)



Pictures compliments of Paula C. J. Liska, BDE #2!